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All stalls are checked and picked out daily. Feed twice a day, grain if needed and water kept clean






Stalls have cameras to monitor horses. Grooming and hoof picking on a regular basis




Sensitive to the horses needs. I work at the horse’s pace

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The Main Crew



The Mamma


The Baby


Baby 2


Not so long ago, on average there were more working farms. Those that had farms handled things on their own, bred and raised cattle, bred and broke their own horses.

Today that is rare rather than the norm.  There are still farms that ranch break their horses, but there are also the people that enjoy riding, enjoy horses and even decide that they want to own their own horse, but don’t live in an area where it is feasible to have the horse at their home and do their own training, nor want to tackle training. Going through the horses for sale ads can be daunting. Green broke, had 60 days etc.  Outside of having a halter put on them, most weanlings aren’t really worked with until 2 years of age. Which means that most horses up for sale have just basic handling in just a few areas. Those that advertise as been there, done that are usually older horses.

4 Hooves is out to change the tide. Our concept is to start working with the foals as early as possible, making them easier to handle, more settled, progress faster and instead of beginning training at 2 years of age, they are now ready for more advanced training in whatever discipline and are easier to ride.










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